Industry Space Days




ESTEC Noordwijk
The Netherlands

ESA introduces the
Industry Space Days

The European Space Agency offers business opportunities to the medium and small business as well as other companies active in space development, production and research through the Industry Space Days (ISD).


Organised on a bi-annual basis starting 2014, the ISD meetings aims to bring potential partners closer through a series of twenty minutes pre-scheduled meetings.


Special Opportunities
for highly innovative
space business SMEs

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How are the B2B
(business to business)
meetings organised?

• Step 1: Participants fill in the on-line registration form describing their expertise and their needs.

• Step 2: All the registrations are verified by the Industry Space Days Organising Committee.

• Step 3: If their profile is validated, the participants have access to the online technical catalogue containing all the validated presentation files.

• Step 4: The participants address business meeting requests to the companies that they would like to meet during the Industries Space Days. Furthermore, the participants accept or decline, according to their interests, the meeting requests they have received.

• Step 5: One week before the ISD event participants receive their personal agendas including the bilaterally approved business meetings.

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An ESA Initiative in favour of Space SMEs

Contractor Profiles

Large Groups, National Space Agencies, SMEs, Laboratories and Universities, active in space development, production and research, in need of suppliers for their current projects.

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Supplier Profiles

SMEs, Laboratories and Universities, Large Groups active in space development, production and research or wishing to enter the space market, aiming to find customers for their skills and competencies.

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