15.500 B2B meetings
B2B meetings
Identifying entire projects and the method of double validation guarantee a perfect match between the suppliers’ skills and the buyers and decision-maker’s requirements for their projects.

The information exchange done beforehand guarantees you meetings exclusively between motivated and identified professionals:
Up to 20 targeted B2B meetings per attendee with premium networking opportunities.
Our advice for your success

Be prepared to propose your products or services:

Make sure you have correctly understood the demand.
This will reassure your contact and prevent misunderstandings.
Your contact expects you to demonstrate the benefits of your solution.
You must therefore focus on the advantages (technological, financial, human, etc.) to be gained from your service.
Make sure to bring your presentation brochures and any other marketing materials, such as a flash presentation, which might help you to better convey your message.
Avoid too technical demonstrations if not asked.
If you feel that your contacts are not interested, remember that they are the only ones to judge whether your solution is adapted to their need.
Try to identify beforehand your interlocutor and adapt your argumentation accordingly.

Or, if you receive an offer:
Make sure your contact has correctly understood your demand. If your choice turns
out to be matching, start defining the conditions for the subsequent collaboration.
If your contact's offer does not match your need in spite of the preliminary selection,
explain why you are refusing the offer.
Download the practical advice guide
The Practical Advice Guide

How To Make the Best of Your Meetings Carefully read over your contacts’ technical forms and prepare your speech accordingly.

You have 30 minutes per meeting that you can break down as follows:
Leave 20 minutes for mutual presentations (5 min. each),
8 minutes to discuss,
2 minutes to conclude.

Thus you might need to prepare your speech by focusing on the basic information that will enable your contacts to quickly identify the possible points of convergence with their requests or demands.

Do not forget that your interlocutors have read your technical form and have accepted the meeting. So the detailed company presentation is not necessary.
Download the practical advice guide