Supplier profiles:
SMEs, Laboratories and Universities, Large Groups active in space development, production and research or newcomers wishing to enter the space market, aiming to find customers for their skills and competencies.
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Fields of interest
Automation, telepresence & robotics
Components & quality
Electric, electromechanical & electronic
Electromagnetic technologies & techniques
Environmental control life support
Flight dynamics & GNSS
Ground station system & networks
In situ resource utilisation
Mission operation & ground data systems
Onboard data systems
RF Systems, payloads & technologies
Space debris
Space system control & software
Spacecraft environments & effects
System design & verification
Thermal Control
2 ways of participating
Changing tables
Changing tables
Free of charge.
Your meetings will be held at changing tables. Every 20 minutes a sound will indicate to proceed to the next meeting.
Exhibition Booths
€690 Excl. Vat.
Optimise your visibility and increase your number of meetings by renting a booth at the ISD. Your meetings will be held at your individual booth. Participants who do not have pre-scheduled meetings with you can locate and meet you.